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Are you a good tenant?

With renting now at an all-time high, you may want or need to rent a house or apartment at some point soon. Are you a bad tenant or a good tenant? Good tenants can rent almost anywhere, while bad tenants are normally only able to rent bad property in bad areas. Landlords talk to each other and if you are a bad or problem tenant the word will get around.

Here are some tips to help you become the renter that all landlords are seeking:

Pay on time or early! Rent is normally due on the 1st, not the 5th, which is the end of your grace period. Try to pay a few days before the 1st if you can.Repairs will happen-be reasonable and easy to work with. You can't call in a repair at 4 PM on a Friday and expect instant service! Give your landlord a reasonable time to make a repair and work with them nicely-keeping the threats to hold rent as a last resort, not your first line of assault.Short of funds? Call your landlord-don't make them find you! Landlords want your money and tenants who pay, so if you are going to be late, call your landlord and work out a payment plan. Landlords are receptive to payment arrangements if they don't need to chase you.Be careful on your choice of pets. No matter how cute your pit-bull mix might be, landlords are not in agreement to that breed. And you may love your 5 cats but your landlord is not in favor!

Hopefully these tips will help you become a better tenant so you can rent better places to live!

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