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Do you understand condo living? Part 1: What is mine?

So you are thinking about buying a condo, or you own one now? So what is yours? What is not yours?

Condos generally have 3 parts or types of property: Unit, limited common area, and common area. Based on the type of area determines what is yours or not yours. Here is a short, basic explanation of each type:

UNIT is all that stuff inside your unit that serves only your unit- thats the key! Electric lines that connect only to your unit-even if outside like outlets on your patio, would be yours! Attics, crawl spaces, doors, windows-generally belong to you. Kitchen cabinets, carpet, plumbing fixtures-all yours.

COMMON AREA: Generally outside, all those things that you own a small share of-things like roofs, ponds, playgrounds, siding, driveways, etc. You pay a share of all expenses for these items based on how many condos in your community. If there are 100 condos and there is a $100,000 roof repair needed, your share is $1,000

LIMITED COMMON AREA: Most confusing of the condo parts, this is an area of the condo that still belongs to everyone but you get exclusive use of it. Think patio or fenced back area-still belongs to everyone but only you can use it!

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