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So you are thinking of hiring a property manager ?

So you are thinking of hiring a property manager ? Maybe a manager will find a better tenant than you did?

Let's start out with honesty: sometimes finding a good tenant or bad tenant is blind luck! A property manager can significantly increase your odds of finding a good one but sometimes they get a bad one too. So what do we, as a property manager, add to the value of your investment?

· Tenant screening-we go above and beyond normal pulling of credit reports. Credit reports only cement that there is a reason they are renting and not buying, but offer little in the way of showing if they will pay rent or not. So we also perform the following searches:

· sex offender search national database

· previous landlord search and verify the previous landlord is not their friend posing as their previous landlord

· criminal search-looking for past activities that could affect current behaviors

· eviction search-looking for filings in their name, and other names they may have used, or roommates names

· Employment verification, if employed. How much do they earn, how long have they worked there, etc.

· Income from other sources. We verify child support, SSI, government aid, etc. Just because its awarded doesn't mean they get it.

· Writing of the lease document and assorted forms: We have latest booklets, disclosures, and any other government forms. Our leases are verified to be legal in court and comply with Fair Housing

· Showing the property - we arrange and schedule and recruit your tenants and we know what can be said and wht not to say!

· Advertising - we provide full advertising on the web, from our website to zillow/trulia/hotpads to thhe tons of smaller sites

· Move-in/move-out: We perform the inspections, interaction with tenants, and archive the reports for you

· Monthly reporting: each month we will send you a Profit/Loss Report and your proceeds, electronically

How much does all this cost? Are you thinking its a lot? Would you believe $75 per month for one unit, and the price goes lower if you have multiple units.

Interested? Call or email for more details!

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